Drifters Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Characters & Interesting Facts

Drifters Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Characters & Interesting Facts

Drifters Season 2 has become one of the most anticipated anime after the success of its debut i.e, Drifters Season 1. Drifters anime deals with a genre where a character is sent to a new world when he dies. We have seen some animes with a similar plot however in Drifters the characters are powerful individuals who are brought from different eras and are assigned to have different impacts in the new world.

Read the below story to know more about the plot, its characters, release date and the facts behind this anime.

Drifters Plot

Toyohisa Shimazu is terribly wounded at the battle of Sekigahara in 1600 and is trying to leave the battle, but he suddenly finds himself next to a mysterious man in a gleaming hallway. The stoic man introduces himself as Murakashi who then pushes Shimazu to the nearest door which let him into a new world which is completely unknown.

The new world was inhabited by all sorts of bizarre creatures and warriors from different eras of Toyohisa’s world who were teleported just the same way as Toyohisa. He quickly gets chummy with the infamous warlord Nobunaga Oda and the ancient archer Yoichi Suketaka Nasu. These warriors are summoned as “DRIFTERS” as they are the only hope to fight against the “ENDS” who are trying to demolish the drifters and are also responsible for the existence of Orte Empire.

Now it’s up to Toyohisa and his group of offbeat combatants to fight in the brand new world and protect the ones who are dear to him

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

Drifters season 2 has evidently seemed to be in the works and is set to be released before the end of 2019.  The director of Drifters, Kenichi Suzuki has already confirmed back in October 2017 that Drifters anime season 2 will be coming soon although he did not confirm the exact date for release. Drifters season 2 release date will be updated in the article once it is confirmed.

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Drifters season 1 was last aired with special episodes 13 and 14 on December 23, 2017. Due to this long time gap, fans have become really intrigued and they are debating over whether to expect a second season or not. Drifters season 1 seemed to have made such a positive first impression among the watchers and they can’t seem to wait any longer.

Main Characters Of Drifters

Shimadzu Toyohisa (Voice Actor – Nakamura Yuuichi) is the main protagonist of drifters and the best warrior among the drifters.

  • Shimadzu Toyohisa is based on a real-life Japanese Samurai. Died in 1600 and he was transported to a different world where he encounters historical figures from Japanese history.
  • Due to the circumstances, Toyohisa commits himself to combat the war with his fellow Japanese warriors.
  • If anything defines the personality of Shimazu, one thing that can never be overlooked is his benevolence.
  • Even though he was a drifter he does not believe in tormenting the weak and compelling them into slavery.

Shimadzu Toyohisa Quote:

One should always show his gratitude on the spot. Otherwise, it’s almost certain that he will forget how to say thanks

How Is Shimadzu Toyohisa’s Relationship With Oda Nobunaga?

Shimadzu Toyohisa is the perfect combination of brawns and balls while on the contrary, Oda Nobunaga is the mastermind who is extremely cunning. However, despite their differences, there is a reason behind the amusing relationship.

In Oda’s previous life, he had mistakenly believed his son”Oda Nobutada” had conspired against him. After his realization that his son was actually loyal to him, he was ashamed that he saw the enemy in his son.

So, in the new world, Oda Nobunaga believes he can make amends with his son whom he has failed by looking after Toyahisahe as a son. He, therefore, wanted to make him the king but believes the boy needs guidance as he only knows how to fight.

Oda Ufu Nobunaga: Oda is a middle-aged autocrat among the drifters.

  • In his previous life, he was the first Japanese military commander to utilize arquebuses in battles. Also, he was a famous daimyo who took the initial step to unite Japan.
  • He has exceptional strategic thinking skills and is sometimes very daunting. He is the brain behind all the tactics on how the arquebusiers squad fought the battles.
  • He has an eye patch over his right eye and when he is emotionally stirred or furious he is seen to have a pair of fangs.
  • As a drifter, he uses arquebuses in battles.
  • In the new world, he is known as the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven.
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Nobunaga Quote:

You know profit and fear controlled one’s action. However, the hearts of men doesn’t seem to work like that

Nasu Suketaka Yoichi (also called Nasu no Yoichi)

  • Yochi is the youngest among the drifters. He is a teenager and is often considered to be a woman because of his epicene features.
  • Yochi is a brave and generous young man and is a neat archer. He even teaches shooting to the elves.
  • Yochi tends to become really chatty when he gets drunk.


  • Murasaki is a Caucasian man featuring a blonde hair and a placid demeanor. Murasaki is enamored with suits sporting a sweater, collar shirt, and a tie.
  • He is the man responsible behind the existence of the drifters. He uses them as a means to right the wrongs and also to change the societies of magical world they currently live in.
  • Murasaki is often portrayed as smoking a cigar and reading a newspaper from which he gets the information relating to the drifters.
  • He is associated with the right and followed by light.


  • Easy is a young woman who is responsible for the Ends.
  • She features a black long hair and has a really short temper.
  • She is associated with the wrongs and accompanied by darkness in the corridor.
  • She has the power to produce food, water, and life limitless.

Black King:

  • The Black King is one of the primary antagonists in Drifters.
  • He is a charismatic leader and therefore acquires an unflagging loyalty of his associates and subordinates.
  • He holds a deep-rooted bitterness towards the human race as he was killed due to their refusal of salvation offered by him.
  • He has a goal of building a non- human civilization but on the contrary, he at times shown himself to possess a positive side who is capable of goodness.
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Interesting Facts About Drifters

  • Drifters anime has been adapted from the Drifters Manga version which was created by Kouta Hirano.
  • Drifters Manga have 5 Volumes so far since it was published in 2009. Out of these, 3 of them are used in the story of  Drifters Season 1.
  • We may need to wait a little longer for Drifters Season 2 to be serialized due to the lack of enough source material. However, there is a high chance for Drifters Season 2 to be already in works as most animes are continued if the sales rate of the Manga and OVA episodes of the series are soaring high.
  • Based on the events on the Manga series, we can expect to have at least 4 seasons of the anime series.
  • Drifters was originally published by Lezhin, Shonen Gahosha and The English version was officially published by the Dark Horse Comics.
  • Kouta Hirano also has another work called “Hellsing”, which are still considered the most popular projects in the history of the creation of anime.

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Drifters Season 2 Spoilers: 

The end of the series is nowhere near! It has been stated by Kouta Hirano, the creator of the series that he has just begun with his stories so we can expect more and more seasons to come. Drifters Season 2 will give the fans a clearer view to the alternate world filled with magic and delusional creatures.

In Drifters Season 2 it is going to be revealed that the female Alucard, Easy is the one pulling strings behind The Black King. While Murasaki, who brought Toyohisa to the drifters and act as the desk dweller of the eternal hallway of the doors will be revealed to be the one who founded the drifters and due to his magic the Drifters were able to go to the war zone.